Opportunity Manager

Simplify your tendering processes by using our bid management tool to plan, coordinate, and track all of your tendering activity.

What is Opportunity manager?

Opportunity Manager, is an e-tender bid management tool, designed to simplify day-to-day bid administration by bringing all of your prospects into a single customisable pipeline view. Once you identify an opportunity you can add it to your pipeline and progress it through every stage of the tendering process.

How can Opportunity Manager help my business?

Opportunity Manager is a bid management tool that helps you plan, prepare, and coordinate multiple contract bids, for both public and private sector tenders. With a single, customisable pipeline view of all of your opportunities, you can easily track their status and maintain full situational awareness of your portfolio.

Opportunity Manager allows you to:

  • Manage your tendering pipeline: add, monitor and progress tender opportunities through every stage of the tendering process – from early engagement to final checks.
  • Assign tasks: With unlimited users, you can assign tasks to every member of your organisation – eliminating your need to endlessly send emails and manage disconnected communication threads.  
  • Track progress: All of your tasks and deadlines can be accessed via the customisable homepage, ensuring you never overlook tasks or deadlines. 
  • Streamlined communication: Centralise all bid-related communications, with notes and messages tied directly to their associated tasks. This allows your entire bid team to keep each other informed, and makes the process of accessing information effortless.
  • Centralise document storage: You can upload documents to Opportunity Manager, providing a centralised location for your bid team to access and share files – be they bid-specific or frequently used.

Available as standard with all Tenders Direct subscriptions

Why is bid management significant for tendering?

The success of your bids is greatly affected by your level of preparation and coordination. Whether you are managing a complex bid, or several tenders at once, having a structured approach to managing tasks and deadlines is essential for:

  • On-time completion: A structured and planned approach will allow you to allocate tasks, manage deadlines and ensure work is completed for the submission deadline.
  • Meeting the requirements: Bids must meet all the requirements set by the buyer. Proper bid management will help ensure you do not overlook key details and include all necessary documents. 
  • High-quality bid writing: Your bids need to be compelling and stand out from the competition, planning out your work allows you to develop strategies and structure your proposals in a way that is easy to read, and easy to score. 
  • Collaboration: If you have colleagues or stakeholders who need to contribute to the bid, planning your tasks lets them know what is expected from them, and when it is needed. 
  • Managing workload: Planning out all of your work, and knowing what your deadlines are, allows you to manage your resources and determine your tendering capacity – do you have to prioritise one bid over another, or will you need additional resources?